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What makes a compelling wedding film?

February 3, 2017

Compelling Wedding Cinematography


Since becoming a wedding videographer I have found that it is very important to always ensure that I try to stay ahead of the game and ensure my brand and products keep evolving.


To do this I spend a lot of my working week on websites such as Creative Live that showcase some of the industry leaders in their fields from creative art to wedding videography.


This week I had the pleasure of learning from an American based wedding cinematographer Ray Roman.  This guy is absolutely amazing and is now very much in my top five list for people that I watch closely and look to learn and study from.


During the three day course I found his work both compelling and insightful as he spent a few minutes discussing what makes a really stunning wedding film.  In one simple phrase he said “Content content content”.  He explained that he educated his brides on the importance of content and that the more content that was available to film the more compelling the film would be.  As I listened to what he was saying I could feel myself nodding along to his every word.  It was such a simple and easy thing to consider yet the way he phrased it not only made it crystal clear for me moving forward but i was also determined in what I needed to do.  It also made it clear how to discuss with my bride and grooms what we needed to do to ensure their own wedding film was even more captivating and beautiful.


So what does “content” actually mean to the bride and groom that are looking to book a wedding videographer for their wedding day.


Well its simple things such as the bridesmaids gathering round the bride as she puts her dress on.  The bride opening a bottle of champagne or reading out a letter from the groom the morning of the wedding.  The groom tying his shoelaces or putting his cuff links on.  The best man pinning the flower to the ushers jackets.  It’s the small details that make a real big difference.


These small little details that may only last just a few seconds.  But when added together in the editing phase of the production allow you to be able to tell a story and are the building blocks of a really compelling wedding film.


Make sure you voice your thoughts and ideas for your wedding with your videographer as, trust me, I want to know every little detail to ensure that I capture and produce the most compelling wedding film for you to watch over and over again!


I would like to take a moment to say a big thank you to both Creative Live and Ray Roman for offering such a wonderful service and being so open and honest with his thoughts and creative ideas.


To find out more about Ray Roman go to www.rayromanfilms.com


To find out more about creative live go to www.creativelive.com



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